Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Big Break Rappers Party - Sounds of New York U.S.A. (1980)

A fantastic compilation of early hip hop and slippery disco from way back in 1980, all lovingly produced by Peter Brown of P&P Records. Includes Spoonie Gee's classic 'Spoonin' Rap' and Cloud One's 'Patty Duke'.


01 Scoopy - Scoopy Rap
02 Family - Family Rap
03 Cloud One - Patty Duke
04 Johnson Jumpin' - Johnson Product

05 Chain Reaction - Dance Freak
06 Spoonin Gee - Spoonin' Rap
07 Woody Wood & the Wood Crew - Woody Rap

Get the fresh sound of the Harlem block parties over HERE!

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JasonG said...

Thanks for this - great stuff!