Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ti Zozios - Moin Ce On Malhere (1979) French Antilles

I think I've said it before but, one of the things I love about car boots/charity shops/jumble sales is that you never know what treasures you might find. Today I found this...zouk music from Guadeloupe. This album kind of drifts along in a very relaxed fashion, and provides a nice dose of sunshine on these winter days. It sounds like Ti Zozios have soaked up a whole load of influences from around the world...congolese rumba rhythms, funky rhodes piano, a bit of calypso all mixed up together and given a good shake with a measure of rum. Delicious!


01 Moin Ca On Malhere
02 Un Tour en Bateau
03 Vive Madras en Nous
04 C'et Nathalie Je Dis
05 Je Cherche
06 Depi L'Esprit Aou Piti
07 Elle Est Passee

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Sounds great...can't wait.

Shivers Inside said...

Great stuff. Obviously i'm going to the wrong charity shops. Lovely to hear the great Coati Mundi again. New mag out now at