Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coati Mundi - The Former 12 Year old Genius (1983)

This is the 1983 solo album by Coati Mundi, vibraphone player and founder member (along with August Darnell) of Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. The humour, creativity and potent latin-funk grooves associated with those bands are all on proud display on this great album. Listening to this immensely enjoyable and polished record, its easy to forget that these disco groups were part of the same New York Mudd Club scene that spawned artists like Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth or Nan Goldin. The album features a great cover version of Captain Beefheart's Tropical Hot Dog Night and the (maybe) egalitarian proto-house classic Pharoah (can't take it to the grave) that was included on Strut Records' fantastic Kid Creole compilation last year.

Sey Hey!
Oh! That Love Decision
Beat Back The Bullies
Como Esta Usted?
Everybody's On An Ego Trip
Prisoner Of My Principles
Pharaoh (Can't Take It To The Grave)
I'm Corrupt
Hold On To That Lovely Lady
Tropical Hot Dog Night

Check it out HERE.


alex said...

many thanks for this awesome drop man!

icastico said...

Can't wait.

John said...

I enjoy your insights on these crazy sounds!

Anonymous said...

I too love the album, its strange there are 3 12" singles from the album on itunes uk but no album, will it ever be reissued on CD?

discobunny said...

Wow! What a discovery this is. Many thanks for sharing!

No Name Hot Dog said...

Thanks for posting this! It is appreciated!

Andy said...

Coati Mundi fans:

Coati Mundi’s Electric Boogie & Bad-Assed Beats:
Dance Music’s Quirky Genius Returns

New Album “Dancing for The Cabana Code in The Land of Boo-Hoo”
To be released October 2010 by Rong Music
READ ONLINE W/PIX, LINKS (full text below):

Mr Tear said...

Wow! Follow the above links to check out soundclips from the new album by 'Sugar-Coated' Andy Hernandez, AKA Coati Mundi. It sounds great.

mess said...

Again, an absolute must, love this version of Beefheart's Tropical Hotdog Night (best song name ever...)

PLEASE RE-UP!!! Cheers