Tuesday, 30 November 2010

La Sensation - Co. (1976)

Its been quite a while since we heard any of the cadence sounds of the Caribbean around these parts, so I was excited when I found this in a local fleamarket. Attempts to uncover any information about this group have been completely fruitless, so as usual any knowledge you could impart about La Sensation would be gratefully accepted. What I do know is that this album contains plenty of that itchy, staccatto island funk that we all love so much.

Check this one, its called 'Reverie':


01 Co
02 Aras Ka Pe
03 Soleil Soleil
04 Frankeinstein
05 Pa Bombarde Nou
06 Nou Bien Vivants
07 Exile
08 Reverie
09 Cosita

Get it HERE.


øשlqæda said...

my interweb access is compromised out here on the road brother tear, but have a feelin this recording is sublime & lurk forward to harvesting the cargo upon me return. thx to you & yers

icastico said...

Nice. Love the out of key horns.

Mr Tear said...

Glad you're enjoying this one. I particularly like the French influence on Reverie.
Hope your trip's going well Owl!

jeanluc said...

Thanks... I never heard a tune of them.

I don't know what island funk means...
If you are interested, I would say, 1, 4, 5, 8 are beguines, 2 a calypso, 3 and 6 are cadence, 7 a bolero and 9 a guajira.

David said...

Wow, that's some flea-market find! Hard to believe this is an unknown band - as I listened to it I was exciited by how many of the tracks seemed really top-class cuts. I listened to it twice round witout stopping & they all still seemed fresh and exciting. So this one has jumped straight to the top of my favourites, a Sensation indeed - thank you for the chance to get to know it !!!

David said...

PS thanks to Jean-Luc for his help disentangling the different rhythms!

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