Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Stupids - Retard Picnic (1986)

Classic UK hardcore-skater-thrash-punk from Ipswich. This came out in 1986 when I was 15. John Peel used to play them fairly regularly (along with other UK thrash bands of the period like the Electrohippies, Heresy or Napalm Death). In contrast to many of the other UK bands, The Stupids played more of a US influenced style of hardcore that is reminiscent at times of early Husker Du, or some of the Washington DC bands. Also in contrast to most of the UK bands, The Stupids steered well clear of politics. The subject matter for their songs was puerile and silly: horror films, skateboarding or fast food, and extremely appealing to my adolescent self. I never got to see them play, but I imagine their concerts were great fun.

Here they are playing 'Slumber Party Massacre' live in 1987:


01The Memory Burns

02 Sleeping Troubles

03 Terrordome

04 Heard It Before

05 Jesus, Do What You Have To Do

06 Somethings Got To Give

07 Yah Dude!!!

08 Hawaian Vacation

09 Shades Eyes

10 Frank Furter

11 Slumber Party

12 Waltz Of The New Wavers

13 Your Little Words

14 Killed By A Cripple

15 We Suck

16 People In Your Neighbourhood

Get it HERE.


doc patcheko said...

ha, that takes me way back. never saw the stupids live either but the youtube video brought up some heresy shows in germany that i was actually at over 20 years ago.

and here we are now listening to weird music from all over the world. and it doesn't feel wrong at all.

enjoying your blog very much. great stuff. thanks for making the effort.

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Doc! Yes...I saw Heresy and the Electrohippies back in 1987 (or 88) just before both bands split up. Loved them at the time but I couldn't listen to too much of them now, having said that, I'm fickle and can't take too much of anything (just enough is always about right).
Also, check the Chills if you get the chance!

Find Handmade said...

Wow - love the whole concept of retards picnic - so wrong in so many ways but such a powerful way to get the message across.

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