Saturday, 20 November 2010

More Amazigh Music from Fatima Tabaamrant and Rais Moulay Mohamed ben Lefqih

Here is another of Uncle David's wonderful cassettes, and I think this one may be my favourite. I believe the lady in the picture is Fatima Tabaamrant who was featured in this previous post way back in 2009 following a trip up the Souss Valley and on into the Anti-Atlas mountains. She is not the main voice heard in these wonderful songs however, and any help identifying the male lead singer would be much appreciated.
Anyway if you're a fan of the frantic banjo and rabab music of the Moroccan Berbers then you're in for a proper treat with this one. It's great!


1A) Tandamt
1B) Izda Zine
2A) Allah Inser Siydna
2B) La ilaha illa Llah

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Exciting. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

shit yeah, thanks bro

smoothwaterhorizons said...

thanks so much for this marvellous post. i had the great pleasure to see raïssa tabaamrant on this year`s essaouira gnaoua festival and was (and still am) fascinated by this woman`s power and the beauty of her music.
if you like to share my fascination, i put it here:

track 1a:

track 1b:

track 2:

track 3:

it`s a shame, i don`t understand a word of it, because i think especially in the first song she refers to the situation of the amazigh people in pretty clear words.

Mr Tear said...

Wow! Thanks for getting in touch, I'm really looking forward to watching those videos. It looks like she played the main stage. Was Mahmoud Guenya on this year. I went in 2008 and he played for about five hours on the Saturday night. Totally spellbinding.
Anyway, I hope you enjy this tape, I think it was recorded in the 1980s.

Tim Abdellah said...

Thanks for more Maghrebi sounds!

The cassette sleeve (and the announcement at the beginning of Side 1) identifies the male singer as Rais Moulay Mohamed ben Lefqih.

1A) Tandamt
1B) Izda Zine
2A) Allah Inser Siydna
2B) La ilaha illa Llah

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Tim, the info is much appreciated, I've updated the post to include his name and the songtitles.
I think this may be the gentleman in question:

smoothwaterhorizons said...

raïssa tabaamrant played at bab marrakech on saturday, 26th of june; the 'main stage', i think, is at moulay hassan. maâlem mahmoud guinea was on this year as well, afterwords jamming with daby touré, great fun!
i saw him last year at bab marrakech as well, parts of it (of minor quality than raïssa tabaamrant's)you can find here:

Mr Tear said...

First off, thanks again to Tim for the song translations - much appreciated.
Secondly, thanks again to Smooth Water - the videos of Mahmoud Guinea are great, but the videos of Fatima Tabaamrant are even better! Y'all really should check them out.

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