Saturday, 17 December 2011

12 of the Best - Capital Music Store, Nairobi

The music on this unloved piece of vinyl from Kenya is simply gorgeous. Twelve fantastic songs featuring delightful guitar picking and very simple percussion, this should go down well with those of you who enjoyed the George Mukabi album I posted earlier in the year. You can read more about the CMS record label here.

Any info about these artists or songs would be much appreciated.


01 Watoto Hatujubui Kiingereza
02 Niko Taabuni
03 Wanajiita Sisi Wahuni
04 Baba Kumbuka
05 Wimbo Wa Uruma
06 Mpenzi Josifina
07 Vijana Mnayesoma
08 Africa Tusikilizane
09 Mpenzi Katerina
10 Ofafa Jericho
11 Samwell Ndeje
12 Namulia Rehema

Get it HERE.


ajnabi said...

beautiful! Asanti Sana!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a whole lot for this and, well shucks, just everything else. A light in dark times and all that.

andrew gaturi said...

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