Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Congo Sevens Number 2 - Various Artists

Happy New Year one and all. Hope the new year brings as much joy and light to you as the music in this collection.


01 Toma I - Orchestre les Noirs
02 Toma II - Orchestre les Noirs
03 Bea - Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz
04 Rocky a Kovenger Ngai - Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz
05 Annie Nasiliki - Orchestre Les Rebelles
06 Quatro Bougies - Orchestre Les Rebelles
07 Basi Balukaka Nini - Orchestre Alberthos
08 Kobala Esengo - Orchestre Alberthos
09 Makambo Mibale - Orchestre Bantous
10 Damba - Orchestre Bantous
11 Worriend - Orchestre African Fiesta
12 Ami Maza - Nico et l'Orchestre African Fiesta

Get it HERE.

Congo Sevens Number One is HERE.

Get scans of the covers HERE.


icastico said...

Lovely stuff (as always).

Just an FYI. New aboombong is out.

Mr Tear said...

Hi Icastico,

Happy new year to you and yours! Looking forward to checking out your new stuff. Thanks for popping by.

LeFranck said...

Thank you for this post. Very interesting tunes from Congo in the 70's.
I'm struggling finding any info on Orchestre Alberthos. Is there any info on the back sleeve or on the disc? Who composed these two tracks?
Is there any connection here with Verckys & Orchestre Veve?


Mr Tear said...

Hi LeFrack,

I'm equally stumped by the Alberthos tracks. Both songs are described as rumbas on the labels and both are attributed to Porthos, which could be Pablo Lubadika Porthos who later went on to play with L'African All Stars, but then again it may be someone completely different. Got no clue about the year of release or anything. If you find out anything interesting, please let me know.
Mr Tear

zim said...

Hi, first a long overdue thank you, somehow I hadn't seen this before.

About Alberthos - my guess is that is a grouping of Orch. Conga Success. Albertos is credited on a number of their singles - for instance here:

Porthos (aka Pablo Lubadika) also played with them early in his career.

I wonder if they were big fans of the three musketeers?

L said...

Thanks for piecing together this collection and sharing it.

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