Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa (1975)

I know this one has popped up on a number of other evil file-sharing blogs over the years, but it really is too good to miss. If you've never come across them before, the Ikenga Super Stars of Africa play the kind of dizzying, funky highlife that is sure to move both asses and minds. The interweaving guitars on these two long songs never fail to send me into a kaleidoscope hypno-trance, and that could never be a bad thing, could it?
And, just in case you're wondering, the file is hosted on mediafire. I've had a think about my options since all this megaupload kerfuffle started, and I've come to the conclusion that we humble muzak bloggers are but small fish. I'm really sorry to those (Moos at Global Groove, Owl at Holy Warbles, the team at Mutant Sounds amongst many others) who have had their files deleted - I can only imagine how upsetting this is - but I'm sure we're all going to be able to find ways to keep on keeping on.


01 Ikenga Go Marry Me
02 Ikenga in Africa

Get it HERE (while you still can!).


øשlqæda said...

thanks mr tear,

the pigs sniped the entire blawg too. gone without a trace :) thanks fer this fine offering. be seeing you

Mr Tear said...

This is startling news, I hope we can find ways to keep on truckin'

Henk Madrotter said...

holy shit owl... man this just makes me so sad goddamn:(

bugel said...

thx for this!

and i was kinda pissed when i just saw ur blog was gone owl
yall need to go private or soulseek or something

best luck to all you real bloggers

legrandmaitre said...

I wasn't sure what the complete Holywarbles lowdown was - that's just crazy, totally bonkers.

Gets calculator out, does a few sums. Apparently Owl had deprived Universal music of the grand sum of... nearly 2 cents!!

If ever there was fellow who made the world a better place.

Rhythm Connection said...

Thanks for this stupendous post, and for carrying on. That's the least we can do, now. Cheers.

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