Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ammouri Mbarek - Nekk Dik A Nmun (1978)

Here's another of the cassettes I picked up on my most recent Marrakech excursion.  This one is quite unusual in that the guitar, violin and flute take centre stage on these recordings and help Mbarek develop a very gentle, pastoral backing for his songs. This album was recorded and released in the year that Mbarek split from the group Ousman, another of the groups (alongside Nass El Ghiwane, Lemchaheb, Jil Jilala and Izenzaren) credited with spearheading a resurgence in the use of the Berber dialects in Moroccan popular culture.


01     Nik Dik
02     Taghlaghal
03     Isksiten
04     Wayahou
05     Ourti Nlouz
06     Izwa Ifri
07     Amtta Oul

Get it HERE.


Hammer said...

Amazing Amazigh tape!

Danke 'Coolenel' T.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the link is gone.....
Can you repost it ?
Thank You

Mr Tear said...

Hi all,
Sorry its taken time - I've had a very busy month. This link should work now so, hope you enjoy it.

glinka21 said...

If the link was working back in late 2012, it's gone, now. Sounded interested from your description, frankly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glinka, I will try to repost this by the end of the week. In the meanwhile, check out Izmaz and Archach.
X Mr Tear

Anonymous said...

good , good ... thank you very much