Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunny Ade & His African Beats - Volume 10



I picked up this lovely double LP in the bargain bin of local second hand shop, unfortunately the first disc was missing - maybe someone else has it?

Regular visitors will know that I'm quite partial to a bit of Sunny Ade's juju sound, especially these vintage recordings (of which there seems to be very, very many).  These songs are fairly genteel in pace making the LP quite a languid affair.  Perfect for the warm sunny days we've been having recently.  


01 Ariya Odun Kewa
02 Teni Begi Loju

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Another one I've never seen.
Love it!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff & a great find :-)

Thank you!

Lovely Blog Lovely Music,


zim said...

hi, thanks for sharing this in regards to the missing LP, I do have one side of it, which was released on this stern's CD:

which sampled the African Songs releases from 70-75

let me know if you'd like that one

Joel said...

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