Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sir Shina Peters - Afro Juju Series 1(1989)

Hey, hey, here's some more juju for yer ears!  Sir Shina Peters started out playing guitar for General Prince Adekunle before forming a group with Segun Adewale in the early eighties.  He formed his own juju troup in the late eighties and this was his first release.  It's a frantic fusion of juju and fuji - a surefire hit on the dancefloors of my dreams - and I hope you like it.

And while you're here, you may want to check this out - a bizarre Shina Peters jungle remix:

01         Afro-Juju       
02         Je Kajo       
03         Ijo Shina       
04         Moju Kuro       
05         Oyin Momo       
06         Omoge To Rewa       
07         Omo Enia Lo Sora       
08         Jesu Gbadura Mi       
09         Atoto Arere       
10         Irawo Lagba (Ace)       
11         Adebisi Odutayo       
12         Afro-Juju Lo Gbode 

Get it HERE.


Afro said...

Thanx for this amazzing album ....Im a Juju fan from senegal Im missing one album from Segun Adewale :"Play for me" I can t find any more my old record...Do you have any Segun Adewale to post?

Mr Tear said...

Hi Afro, I'm glad you're enjoying this one - its a lot of fun. I'm afraid I'm yet to find any Segun Adewale records as yet but here are some links to his music on other sites:

I hope these links still work.

Dennis Alexis Hellström said...

New music video: :)

Sjef Rolet said...

!!! Atomic BOMB!!!! thanks a million for this incredible dig :D much love from holland, Sjef

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