Thursday, 21 February 2013

Broken Links

Okay people! Today I have fixed close to 50 broken links so files that have been unavailable for a while should now be available for your listening pleasure.

The following posts (and a whole load of others) should now work fine:

If you happen to find any other broken links please post a comment and I'll try to fix it up.

And while you're here, why not check out the new Snap, Crackle & Pop facebook page?

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Must of the African music records linked with LIX.IN/RADIPSHARE is unavailable cause of the broken links
And is a real pity because you have a very nice collection!!!

Hammer said...

Good thing you didn't get that dreary "Blogger fatigue' syndrome, and a better job at resurrecting these files from their penultimate e-death, Mr. X.
Man alive! You rock.


Footnote: I loller'd a bit at Anonymous' comment above: "RaDIPshare". Lol. Must have been yummy to try. *wink* But, being silly aside... The net is giving most bloggers the wet end of the soup fork these days. Shiat.

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for getting in touch, with regards to all those horrible broken Rapidshare links, I will be trying to fix as many of them as I can in between now and that time at which I succumb to the dreaded Blogger Fatigue, so keep checking back and let me know if there is anything you particularly want re-posted

Hammer, you're right about the soup sometimes feels like a thankless task but, what else am I gonna do in my spare time. Its not like I have a life or anything.


Mr Tear said...

Although, having thought about it a little (just a very little), its not the net thats giving bloggers a hard time, its the entertainment business - the big media machine - the biggest industry ever in the history of humankind, flexing its muscle and trying to put a stop to the sharing of their product. It's like in the '80s when they used to have the 'Home Taping is Killing Music' messages on the inner sleeves of records, but in a digital stylee.

raggamuffin415 said...

Love the blog, very good stuff on here! Wish I could find stuff like this in California...
If you get a chance, would be great if you could reup The Doves - I Seek To Know This World LP.
Also check out my blog of 80's dancehall 7'' records:

One love!

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Raggamuffin!
I'm pretty sure you should be able to grab the Doves album. Its on a different hosting site and you have to close the first popup window thing before getting to the zip file download watsit.
Good luck and let me know how you get on.

. said...

Thank you man!

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