Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chris D / Divine Horsemen - Time Stands Still (1984)

I picked this little beauty up at our local boot sale a couple of weeks ago and it's a very enjoyable listen.  Chris D was the singer in LA punk band, The Flesh Eaters, but in 1984 he released this album which signalled a change of direction to a more country influenced style.  The lyrics are bleak and his singing style idiosyncratic, but the music has a kind of darkness at noon, sunburned Tex-Mex feel.  The Divine Horseman on this record are a veritable who's who of the LA alternative scene and feature members of X, The Blasters and The Gun Club, all artists at the height of their hedonistic powers.


01         When The Rain Comes Down    
02         Lilly White Hands    
03         Past All Dishonor    
04         Frankie Silver         
05         Sanctuary         
06         Heat From The Sun    
07         Little Sister         
08         Hell's Belle         
09         Time Stands Still

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Used to have this on cassette long ago, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

March 7,'14
..dead link

El Isabelino said...

Hi, any chance for a re-up? Thanks.