Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rythmes Bamileke - Various Artists (1977)

This 1977 compilation is an excellent collection of musics from the Bamileke peoples of Western Cameroon.  There's plenty of deep, hypnotic likembe action to be heard here and also some wild pipe and drum tribal dance music.  Close your eyes and you're away!
Check out this amazing video for a little taste:


01 Maago - Kenmgme Tochie Jean
02 Tsegun - Noumsi Moise et son Groupe
03 Nkonima - L'Orchestre Du Nde
04 Manga Bea - Jean Fogno et son Groupe
05 Otak-a-Biwa - Chorale Dirigee with Fotso Robert
06 Alleluya - Chorale Dirigee with Fotso Robert
07 Maago Ndung - Simo Wafo Guiagaing
08 Ndung-Sim - Nankam Frederic Bahouane
09 Ndung - Foko Sofo et son Groupe
10 Mwouop Federal - Nouasi Moise et son Groupe

Get it HERE

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LolaRadio said...

Thanks a lot! African traditional music is the best...

Anonymous said...

thnx man looks nice.. eager to give it an ear!!


roberth said...

packenload still down. day 2 or 3 i can't remember exactly.
i get the can't find server message
adrive mediafire all work perfectly.

Mr Tear said...

Hey! The link should work now.

roberth said...

mr tear thank you,
this link does work again
again a great site. the packenload links remain unavailable.
they worked fine when i first came to the site but no longer work.
i will comment on specific ones i am interested in as i have time in the next week. thanks again.

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