Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Faraway Exists: Another Snap, Crackle & Pop Mix

Here's another one of them mixes for your ears.  This one's a bit different in that I've included some frighteningly contemporary music - some of it even a little bit danceable.  Hope you enjoy it as I certainly had some fun putting it together


01 Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ekassa 34 (extract)
02 United Bible Studies - Sea of rains (extract)
03 John Cage - Fontana Mix
04 Bismillah Khan - Raga Shyem Kalyan
05 Tomutontuu - Luominen Jai Kesken
06 Actress - Jardin 1
07 Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ekassa 34 (extract)
08 Evil Twin - Butcher Mode
09 Fatimah Al-Zaelaeyah – Ya Mun Dakhal Bahr Al-Hawa (Hey, Who Enters The Sea Of Passion?)(edit with William S. Burroughs)
10 Ahmad Hamouda - El-Derbake
11 Shab Al Hal - Mounawaates
12 Sun Ra - Somewhere in Space
13 Currecuteando - Ramon Ropain y su Conjunto
14 Orquesta Henry Castro, Antonio Gonzalez y D'Argil - Chicharron de Chivo
15 ? - Baiao
16 ? - ? (Music from Saharan Cellphones)
17 LV - Thatha Low
18 Dave Kelly – The Return
19 Team Shadatek – Yoga Riddim
20 Harmonic 313 – Bazooka Riddim
21 Computer Paul – World Talk
22 Fat Eyes – Overdose

If you want to download the mix and burn it to a cd or record it to tape or stick it on your mp3 player so you can play it at your barbecue or cocktail party, then you can get it HERE.

Or, you can play it here:


Cihan Güngör said...

Tamer Şengül ft. Aslı Güngör - Night Call (Coming Soon)


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
right now i´m enjoying another great mix of yours while the wife is enjoying herself and i´m staying in with the baby. guess who has more fun, huh? thank you so much for your phantastic blog! all the best from still icy-cold berlin!

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