Saturday, 30 March 2013

Manitas de Plata - Guiterra Flamenco (1965)

Opinion is divided amongst aficionados of flamenco guitar as to the worth of Manitas' playing.  For some, he is the greatest flamenco player the word has ever seen, and others think him overrated, overly flamboyant and disrespectful of the flamenco form.  I am no expert on flamenco (or anything else for that matter), but for me, there is a passion and intensity in the music of Manitas de Plata (Little Hands of Silver) which transcends genre, there is a spontaneity and an exhuberance that is life affirming.  This is a joyful noise.


01         Bulerias     
02         Granadinas         
03         Tarantas   
04         Alegrias Del Cante         
05         Sevillanas     
06         Soleares Gitanas         
07         Levantes         
08         Farruca         
09         Jota

Get it HERE.


Nathan Rabe said...

Gracias! Looks like a lovely record.

icastico said...

Gracias indeed.
Was interesting hearing the outrage when I saw Paco De Lucia in concert in Albuquerque...(a hot bed of Flamenco snobbery)...because he dared to do some jazz fusion. Funny how non-musicians try to put walls around talent.

Mr Tear said...

Hope you're all enjoying this beauty. Flamenco snobbery, or any other kind of musical snobbery, often seems to be related to folk getting upset that someone's come and shattered their illusions around a musical forms 'authenticity'. I love this fella's music although I'm not a great fan of flamenco music in general - there is a passion in his playing that transcends genre.

Anonymous said...

This is a personal comment - so I have to test if it appears or not.

Anonymous said...

how or where can I leave a message just for you?

Anonymous said...

Hi, you can send me a personal message through the Facebook page if you like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot - will write you soon!

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