Thursday, 21 April 2011

Haj Omar Wahrouche (REPOST)

Apologies to anyone who downloaded this from the earlier post, I had forgotten to boost the volume on the files and so the whole thing sounded very quiet. This should be a massive improvement.

Haj Omar Wahrouche was one of a wave of more traditional Berber songwriters popular before the likes of Nass El Ghiwane and Izenzaren started to blend the music with western instruments and more politicised lyrics. The chap I bought this tape from told me his father was a fan of this man and his music. This is some beautiful stuff I'm sure you'll agree.
Here is some footage of the rabab playing man in shades:

Raiss Omar wahrouch ahrouch by ouchrif


Side One
Side Two

Get it HERE.


øשlqæda said...

new rip you say? okeh then

øשlqæda said...

sounds eminently better. thanks muchly fer continued illumination

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Owl, great to see you round these parts. X

Anonymous said...

i like the music very much, and finally had a chance to listen to both old and new rip, back-to-back. it sounds like you are only getting one channel from your rip. i discovered my computer's input was monaural, but i'm probably being stupid b/c you could be using technology way more advanced than mine. anyway after years in the analog domain, and sometimes connecting cables that didn't give true stero, whether b/c they were worn-out, or my error, or wrong settings, or whatever... and this is the sound. i don't think the lead singer should be all the way in the back AND we're hearing more of the echo-y added ambiance from the room when he sings, but not really him. i'm guessing he's mmixed a bit more heavily and directly into the missing channel, and the chorus a bit less, for a better balance?

Anonymous said...

i was listening to it on my little "ipod connected to walmart speakers" rig and --- would you believe it??? --- i discovered that actually MY cable is only giving one channel!! even in headphones, though, it still is weird how the singer is so far down in the mix *combined* with the quality of his voice-- getting all the room ambiance but very little direct... as compared with zero ambiance for the chorus...

i know over there the tapes are usually not stereo, b/c a lot of people might have an old tape player with only one speaker, but i have sometimes found some very slight stereo separation in some of the releases... i wonder, but anyway whatever... its a cassette that is impossible to put down, channels or no channels!!!

ps that amazing aoud mya tape had also had an issue with hum only coming from one channel, and the other channel just fine... i bought a CD like that in egypt, too... anyway, i'm just having fun, playing with the music you shared...

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