Monday, 18 April 2011

Nicu Pourvu & his Roumanian Orchestra (1971)

Legend has it that the God Pan made the first Pan Pipes from reeds, to play to his loved one, the nymph Syrinx.
The instrument originally had 5 to 7 reeds but many variations were made in stone, porcelain, bronze, etc. It was a folk instrument played mostly by farmers, shepherds and gypsies, and has remained an instrument of the country people, especially in Roumania.
In the 18th Century, the Roumanians developed it with the introduction of bamboo pipes, and extended it to as many as 23 pipes. At this time, with the increase in size, its form changed from flat to curved for ease of playing and to extend the playing technique, and it became known as Nai..."
This album came from a boot sale a few months ago. Now, please forgive my ignorance, but I had always associated the pan pipe with the music of the Andes, so this came as a bit of a revalation. I thought the record might provide some momentary amusement, but actually it is a highly energetic gypsy romp - the music is spectacularly good. There are some beautiful moments in which Nicu plays his pipes to emulate bird calls, and his playing is brilliant throughout, however the real star of this album is, for me, the fantastic Cimbaal player - Ion Miu, who's playing on the zither like Cimbalom is just gorgeous.


01 Ciocirlia (The Lark)
02 Coboara Neica Calare
03 Doina De La Titu
04 Sirba de Concert
05 Busoic de la Plenita
06 Ca Pe Giu
07 Sirba Din Muntenia
08 Hora Staccato
09 Munte, Munte, Brad Frumos
10 Hora Lunga
11 Jocul Oilor Din Maramures
12 Miorita
13 Coragheasca

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

makin' my day!!

Anonymous said...

just got round to listening to this... a stone classic bruv, a stone classic

Mr Tear said...

Glad you're enjoying this one

Nicu Buculeasa said...

That s a great musician ...Maybe Gheorghe Zamfir knows you...Great music ...

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