Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tony Tuff (1980)

I picked up this lovely slab of roots reggae a few days ago in a local charity shop and thought that this warm April evening would be as good a time as any to share it with you. The Gladiators back Tony Tuff on all these supertight tunes, and production is shared by Yabby You, King Sounds, Mafiatone and Tony Tuff.
Come hear the monolithic, dubby whump of Sweet Maureen, you might like it:


01 Don't Follow Bad Company
02 Jah Almighty
03 Rumors Of War
04 Lovers Rocking & Skanking
05 We Want No War
06 I'm So Glad
07 Gimme Wha' Me Want
08 Sweet Maureen
09 Now I Know

Get it HERE.


xensma said...

oh what a nice find!! it's a very good tony tuff lp, yabby you productions are alaways made with quality! how much was it?

Mr Tear said...

Hi Xensma,
The record was a bargain at £3 - and the money goes to charity (the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) so everyones a winner. It would be very rare to find anything on this blog that cost more than £5 because I don't have a lot of money for luxury items/I'm tight (delete as appropriate).

xensma said...

hi mr tear, thanks for reply!
i understood by reading the blog policy and your morocco diary-trip that you had not a lot of money, and to tell you the truth i have no money myself (long periods of unemployment and life's gone too hard)so i often go on for looking plates in some flea markets ("vide greniers" is more accurate in french) around my home, and i can buy from time to time more expensive pieces but it's very rare, the more i've spent in 10 years of crate diggin' is 30 pounds for an example in good condition of "what's up front that counts" by the counts, on westbound records usa.one of the best find i've made was in a small "vide greniers" in a bargain with some military chants, peruvian songs and french variety an example in perfect condition of al campbell "telephone loving" produced by bunny lee on vista sounds, for 3 euros!! a very good reggae lp and quite expensive usually.where do you live in england?

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