Wednesday, 10 September 2008

First Post: Gritty funk from The Meters

Here at Snap, Crackle & Pop, we'll be posting all kinds of music from all around the world. All manner of sounds ripped from dusty vinyl and discarded cds that I've picked up over years of trawling car boot sales, flea markets and junk shops.

We have to start somewhere, so I thought we should start with something hot from the local charity shop:

This is The Best of the Meters. I'm sure many are familiar with the gritty, down home Louisiana funk of The Meters, but for those who aren't, this great compilation covers the years 1971 - 1975 and includes classics like "Just Kissed My Baby", which was sampled by Public Enemy on their first lp.

Here's the tracklist:

Jungle Man
Hey Pocky A-Way
Can You Do Without?
Just Kissed My Baby
Love Slip Upon You
People Say
Fire On The Bayou

You can get it here. Happy listening.


Choupique1 said...

Hey....many thanks for the great music.

Neither of the download links for this work any longer. Is there any hope of still getting this?

You a New Orleans guy? I used to sneak into Jed's underage to listen to the Meter's when no one knew who they were....long time ago :p

Mr Tear said...

Hi Choupique,
The link should work now. I'm not from New Orleans and I never got to see The Meters I'm sorry to say. Jed's sounds like it was a great place to see a great band (and many others i'm sure).

Choupique1 said...

Worked perfect. This takes me back about 45 years. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

many thanks, you and twilight zone blog are keepin' the fire...greetings from Croatia

stay sick