Monday, 22 September 2008

Nicolette - Now is Early

I was out at a boot sale on Sunday and picked up a copy of Nicolette's 1992 hardcore monster 'O Se Ne Ne' on 12". When I got it home I played both sides, then just had to dig out my copy of her album, Now is Early. It's as strange and beautiful as I remember it, Nicolette's gorgeous vocals snaking about over PJ and Smiley's diamond sharp breakbeats and weird melodies. The opening track, 'No Government' is downtempo retrofuturist jazz and it could have been an anarchist anthem as Nicolette imagines a peaceful world of mutual aid and communal joy. From there on in though, we're treated to a fantastic set of Shut Up & Dance's trademark blend of breaks, bass and twisted acid atmospherics that makes me nostalgic for long nights in dark warehouses or squats, strobe lights and sweat and smiles...


No Government (2:02)
Dove Song (4:55)
Single Minded Vocals (3:09)
I Woke Up (4:46)
Waking Up (Remix) (5:07)
O Si Nene (5:56)
It's Only To Be Expected (5:41)
Wicked Mathematics (4:49)
A Single Ring (2:09)

Get it here, or the rapidshare is here.


automating said...

Hello there,
I've been here from 'The thing on the door-step"/ if you don't upload to rapidshare, i won't be here again... Please, music "sounds" interesting here!

Mr Tear said...

why is rapidshare better than zshare? i'm not up on all the techy stuff

Paff said...

This is great, thanks. I haven't seen my copy of Now Is Early in a very long time, so it's great to be able to listen to it again.