Friday, 26 September 2008

Franco et Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz

A couple of weeks ago I picked up two double albums by Franco et Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz in a junk shop for 50p. They're both African pressings from the early '80s, and both unfortunately completely knackered. I was dubious as to whether the records would be listenable, but you take a gamble on these things. I got them home and, being new to this stuff, was completely knocked out by the outrageous beauty of the music. I recorded this album on the computer and its been on rotation in the house ever since, despite the fact that there are a fair few jumps, pops and crackles. I was unsure as to whether to post this, considering the jumps, but decided that the quality of the music just shines through the here it is in all its infectious glory!

Franco and the Orchestra were from Congo and their gorgeous, supple music made them one of the most famous and influential bands in Africa. Listening to this stuff, you can hear why.


Record 1:
01 Liberte

02 Matata Ya Muasi Na Mobali Ekok

03 Melou

04 Voyage Na Bandundu

05 Kamikaze

06 Nzete Esololaka Na Motote

Record 2:
01 Baninga Tokolo Balingaka Ngai

02 Seli-Ja

03 Salima

04 Tosambi Bapejiyo Raison Na Qua

05 Bokolo Bana Ya Mbanda Na Yo Ma

Get the whole lovely, crackly lot HERE.

Here's some old footage of the band playing Liberte:


Pelle said...

Hey, this looks like a nice blog but I think I'd like it even better if in addition to the whole albums you picked your favorite tunes off of each record and posted separately - it would be a great service that would set you off from a whole lot of similar blogs.

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the thoughts Pelle, I'll give it a go. I was going to start posting tracks off singles and ep's separately, but we'll see...

Ronald said...

Not bad, only 50 p for two Franco double albums. Fanco's music is the best there is in Congolese music. I think you will enjoy these for a long time, as I have. If you see any more Franco albums, just buy them, you won't be disappointed.

Frank "dr.crackle" said...

thank you for this post! is there any chance for a re-up? all 4 links are dead.
all the best

Mr Tear said...

Hi Dr Crackle,

The link should work now - a lovely new 320 recording!

Frank "dr.crackle" said...

Thanks alot!! :)

Frank "dr.crackle" said...

btw, did you receive my mail with that list of some posts with dead links?

L said...

Thanks for Franco et Orch and expanding my music horizons. I love Orchestra Baobab (Senegalese, I know) and this sound does not seem so distant. Thanks also for re-posting. Quite a treat.

Mr Tear said...

This link is working again.