Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Writing on the Wall #1


John said...

This is good, but it would have been better if it said "Art is Carp". Why is Graffiti so obvious. I recently saw the old S.I slogan 'Demand the Impossible' reworked ever so unimaginitively as 'Be Impossible'. Pah! Lazy - or perhaps limited amount of paint.

I do have a collection of old slogans which I one day must disinter from the files - my favourite being "Shopping is Civil War" on the side of a 7-11 store in Sydney, circa 1991.

Mr Tear said...

I like this old style graffiti - the kind that counts as vandalism rather than 'art'. A long time ago i saw some that said:
Rusty Lee is a Nazi Front (this would be funnier if you knew who rusty lee is/was). Recently saw some that said Take E's and Shut Up...
I'll be posting more as I see it.
Hope you are well.