Monday, 29 September 2008

The Staple Singers - Uncloudy Day

Hello boys and grrls, got some lovely music for you today. Everybody's heard something by this famous musical family, probably some of their fabulous Stax singles like I'll Take You There or If You're Ready (Come Go With Me). These are fantastic songs that showcase that big Memphis sound, but you won't find any of that on their first album, Uncloudy Day, which came out way back in 1959. This album gives us some real haunting rootsy Southern spirituals and it features some great, spare guitar work from Pops Staple and loads of heartfelt harmonising. All the songs are heavy on the old time religion, but musically, the songs here are influenced by Pops Staples Mississippi blues roots, his heavily reverbed guitar giving the whole thing a lowdown, swampy feel that I can't get enough of.


1. Uncloudy Day
2. Let Me Ride
3. God's Wonderful Love
4. Help Me Jesus
5. I'm Coming Home
6. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray
7. Love Is the Way
8. I Had a Dream
9. On My Way to Heaven
10. Going Away
11. I'm Leaving
12. I Know I Got Religion

Get the spirit over here, or over here.

Also, here's a taster:


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and appreciate your taste/selection. Would LOVE to dl this and a few others up on zshare but the service just isn't working lately (for us here in central europe). Any chance of re-up using another - megaupload, rapidshare, etc?

thanks for the treats

Mr Tear said...

Will do...I'll post a rapidshare link to this album today, and try to do all the other zshare zips in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the kind words.

Lanark said...

Is Zshare working for anyone these days?

I used to like Zshare because unlike Rapidshare I could set multiple files downloading at once, but I'm just stuck in a loop with every Zshare file I come across these days.

Anyway - love the blog. I don't always get to say thanks because by the time I get to listen to it I've deleted the link. But let me say thank you for everything you've introduced me too. You're a fine person.

Mr Tear said...

Many thanks for the (very) kind words Lanark. Your support is much appreciated. I don't know much about zshare, but i decided to stop using it after I received a number of comments from people telling me they couldn't access the files. Oh well, rapidshare will have to do until something better comes along.

danie said...

I love that you posted this record.. ive been meaning to get it on vinyl but... well broke.

Thanx. great blog.

Executive Dreamer said...

Excellent blog, amazing album!! Thanks.

unitstructure said...

Mavis voice is so strong.Her phrasing is unique.Roebuck Staples singing and guitar,so strong.What a group.Thanks for sharing this.

Nuhman said...

great list
super video

Anonymous said...

so great. thanks.

Kurt said...

Thanks for this one!

Etienne Barry said...

Hey, would it be possible to re-upload this? It says the file isn't available anymore. thanks!