Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lullabies from Outer Space - A new Snap, Crackle & Pop Mix!

Hi all,
DJ7 over at 716Music has very kindly hosted a new mix which you can hear by pressing play:

I'm very grateful he asked me to contribute and honoured to have my name alongside so many talented musicians, dj's and producers.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the mix (there's a download link on the mixcloud page if you want to take it out for a walk).

Cheers, Mr Tear.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Izanzaren - Hommage a Boubaker Anchaden

Izanzaren should need no introduction to regular visitors to this here little backwater of the internet.  If you haven't heard them before, here's what you can expect:
Beautiful, intricate banjo lines. Call and response vocals (sung in Tachelhit) with socially conscious lyrics discussing the problems faced by a newly urbanised youth.  Amazing percussion.
Certainly my cup of tea and maybe its yours too.


01 Ala Rabi Ayahbib Amzate Elkhatri - Tidink Elbarrad Aoua
02 Amtaou Hoy
03 Addounite Tazri
04 Aoudass Atassanou
05 Iz'am Amdlous

Get it HERE.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sharan Rani - Musique Classique Indienne

Here's some gorgeous Indian classical music for your listening pleasure.

"Sharan Rani Backliwal (nee Mathur) (9 April 1929 – 8 April 2008) was an Indian classical instrumentalist and music scholar, best known for her expertise with the sarod. She was India's first woman sarod exponent[1] and came to be popularly known as Sarod Rani (Queen of Sarod) paved way for a generation women to play of Hindustani instrumental music, She was a disciple of Ustad Allaudin Khan and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan of Maihar Gharana school of Hindustani classical music.[2][3]
Her private collection of 370 musical instruments ranging from the 15th to the 19th century are now part of the "Sharan Rani Backliwal Gallery of Musical Instruments" at the National Museum, New Delhi"


01. Raga Yaman Kalyan
02. Tabla Solo
03. Bhairavi Raga

Get it HERE