Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rebels - Šípková Růženka

Here's a treat!  Lush Czech soft psychedelia and chamber-pop from the Soviet era.  Side one sounds more ambitious in terms of the more complex arrangements and lovely vocal harmonies and it's sung in Czech, whilst side two features cover versions of English language hits, not too dissimilar to The Flamingo Group stuff I posted a while back.

Here are a couple of tasters:


01         Šípková Růženka    
02         Sněhurka    
03         Perníková Chaloupka    
04         Hrnečku, Vař!    
05         Hloupej Honza    
06         A Zazvonil Zvonec    
07         Creeque Alley    
08         Dedicated To The One I Love    
09         String Man    
10         Free Advice    
11         Twist And Shout    
12         California Dreamin'

Get it HERE.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Izmaz - First LP

That last M'Hamed Dammou post reminded me that I need to post this, the first Izmaz LP.  Now, the other (second) Izmaz LP we posted way back in April 2012 (!! doesn't time fly !!) was a big hit in my head, and in some others' too, but this one has a rougher, more primitive sound. The guimbri (that 3 stringed hypno bass machine) doesn't feature so prominently and there is more emphasis on the banjo and rabab (the dry, rasping one stringed violin).  The quality of this nth generation tape is poor, with the sound fluctuating slightly at times, the sound coming out of the speakers feels coroded, like it floats out into the room, rises in the air, disintegrates and dissipates into nothing. I think there's a lot to be enjoyed here.

Just as an extra little treat, here is some footage of Izmaz playing live in 1985.  Check out the amazing three necked rabab: 


Get it HERE.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

M'hamed Dammou - Masoufa Mosikiaya

Sunshine. Red boulders. Clear blue skies. Barren moonscapes break unexpectantly into lush green valleys filled with date palms.  Singing birds and the insistent ringing sound of the metal ring that balances up on the laughing man's head.

Beautifully serene Amazigh sounds from Moulay M'hamed Dammou, this is instrumental music that comes from Joachim's collection  All I know is that this chap once played in Izmaz, an Amazigh group featured in this previous post. Any more info would be much appreciated. X

Get the goodness HERE.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rumba on the River: a new SCP mix

Here's a compilation of sweet rumba tunes - a warm bath for the soul.  Some of the songs come from the Congo Sevens Volume 1 & 2 compilations I posted some time ago, but others are more recent finds and are exclusive to this mix. Hope you all find something to pleasure your mind and maybe make you move your feet.


Tabu Ley & Orchestre Afrisa L'International - Mafuku Na Libenga
Franco & L'Orchestre TPOK Jazz - Alimatou 1 & 2
Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz - Rocky a Kovenger Ngai
Tabu Ley & Orchestre Afrisa L'International - Dialogue
Orchestre Bantous - Damba
Orchestre Kongo Vox - Nakolimbisa Yo Vivi
Orchestre Les Rebelles - Annie Nasiliki
Orchestre Alberthos - Basi Balukaka Nini
Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz - Bea
Wanyika Stars - Si Kosa Langu 1 & 2
Par Pina et l'Orchestre African Fiesta National - Maguy
Orchestre Kongo Vox - Trouble Na Bongo
Par Rochereau et l'Orchestre African Fiesta National - Connaissan ce Koyebana
Orchestre Tino Mambo - Badyano

You can listen on Mixcloud (check the link at the top of the page) or you can download it HERE.