Monday, 24 June 2013

Musik der Nubier / Nordsudan - Various Artists

Here, for your entertainment and listening pleasure, is an incredible collection of field recordings made by German ethnomusicologist, Artur Simon, in the early 1970's in Northern Sudan. Once again we should extend our thanks to Joachim for switching us on to this one.

There are extensive liner notes contained in a booklet included with the album so you can read those if you are interested to learn more about the Nubian people, their culture, their music and these recordings.
Download a PDF of the booklet in English HERE.
Download a PDF of the booklet in German HERE.


01     Dahab Khalil, Unknown Artist – Ay Fa Kir Noogonilla / Ich Werde Zu Deinem Haus Kommen / I Will Come To Your House      
02     Mohammed Awad, Unknown Artist – Ajjibeeri Dessa Massoodta Daffo / Ich Möchte Wissen, Ob Die "Grüne" Schöne Fortgegangen Ist / I Wonder, If The "Green" Beautiful One Has Gone Away       
03     Mohammed Awad, Unknown Artist – Tanzmusik Ohne Gesang Aus Mahas / Dance Music Without Singing From Mahas         
04     Hussein Mohammed Ahmed Wagiya Allah – Waya-Logo Wayag Onnon / Von Waya / About Waya
05     Khalil Soliman, Salah Kurdi, Hassan Fagir, Ahmed Hassan – Dukka Mengimmi Ter Gedemga / Geh' Gemessenen Schritts / Walk Step By Step         
06     Hassan Fagir – Beledeena / Von Meinem Dorf / About My Village         
07     Unknown Artist – Belal Er Isampun? / Wohin Gehst Du, Meine Liebe? / Where Are You Going, My Love?         
08     Unknown Artist – Tanzgesänge Auf Einer Hochzeit / Dance Songs At A Wedding         
09     Hassan Mohammed Gamal, Mohammed Hassan Awad, Unknown Artist - Ollin Araglid / Händeklatschen Und Tanzen / Handclapping And Dancing         
10     Soliman Abu Zeid, Mohammed Fadl Bilal, Ramadan Soliman, Hassan Ahmed Mohammed Ramadan, Ahmed Moheddin, Ahmed Merghanni – Allah Ya Saadu Leh / Allahs Wille Obsiegt / Allah's Will Prevails
11     Ali Ahmed Ali, Sayyed Ahmed Soliman, Garmal Ahmed Soliman, Abd El-Rahman – Wadi Halfa Woo Haniina / Wadi Halfa, Oh Mein Geliebtes Land / Wadi Halfa, Oh My Beloved Country         
12     Hassan Fagir, Salah Kurdi, Khalil Soliman – Hm Bee        
13     Unknown Artist – Hm Bee / Seera         
14     Hassan Soliman Awad – Kalakiya         
15     Abdin Osman Sheikh Idris, Hassan Hussein – Wo Karim Babuur Takona / Ich Möchte Wissen, Ob Der Dampfer Angekommen Ist / I Wonder If The Steamer Has Arrived        
16     Ali Mohammed Abdallah – Gesang Über Ein Liebesabenteuer / Song About A Love-Affair         
17     Salih Ali Soliman – Gesang Auf Dem Eskalee (Schöpfrad) / Song On The Eskalee (Water-Wheel)   18     Unknown Artist – Gesang Bei Der Feldarbeit / Song At Field Work    
19     Zahra Osman Sherif – Wiegenlied / Lullaby Lo-Lo-Lo    
20     Aziza Abdo Shergawi, Tamaya Said, Hogla Mohammed Idris – Lied Bei Beschneidungen Und Hochzeiten / Song At Circumcision And Wedding Ceremonies         
21     Unknown Artist – Bellaal Ya Bellaal / Geliebter Held / Beloved Hero         
22     Fatima Gasheila Sakina (2) – Wad Albatar Batraan Tood / Oh Sohn Der Tapfersten Aller Männer / Oh Son Of The Bravest Men Of All        
23     Unknown Artist – Gashel, Gashelin Buru / Verwöhnte Tochter / Spoiled Daughter         
24     Fatima Gasheila – Ambaabi Ay Yaaba / Oh Mein Geliebter Vater / Oh My Beloved Father        
25     Zeinab Mohammed, Wahiba – Gesang Beim Kornmahlen Mit Den Mahlsteinen / Song While Grinding With Millstones        
26     Fatma Farah Abbas Unknown Artist – Shergangallo / Laßt Uns Gen Osten Ziehen / Let Us Go Eastwards     
27     Unknown Artist – Diya Wo Ailan / Es Ist Genug, Oh Mein Herz / It Is Enough, Oh My Heart

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Altain Orgil - Ruf Der Steppe

This amazing tape is one of many sent to me by Joachim from Heidelberg.  Joachim has very kindly donated a real treasure trove of music from around the world to Snap, Crackle and Pop and we should all be grateful as there will now be some really strange and wonderful music posted here over the coming months.
Altain Orgil are a Mongolian group who were (and maybe still are) based in Germany in the mid '90s.  This cassette is from 1994.

Joachim has this to say about Altain Orgil:

"I met this group in the city centre of Heidelberg in 1994. They were playing their instruments and doing the extraordinary throat singing which is typical for mongolian and other inner-asian tribes. I heard throat singing before on the radio but it is a completely extraordinary feeling standing among musicians who do it. The sound penetrates your body and makes it vibrate in a peculiar way. The musicians also let me touch their instruments like the horse-headed Morin Khuur, which sounds a bit like a cello, or the lute Tobshuur."

This is really quite magical music and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Ganelin Trio - New Wine (1982)

It feels like a while since the last post, but here we are, back with a real treat.  This live album from Russian free jazz ensemble, The Ganelin Trio, was a real find at the local bootsale a couple of weeks ago, and it comes out fighting right from the beginning. Its hard to believe that three people can make such a range of aberrant noises.
 You can read a bit about the group, who were regarded as one of the best free jazz acts of the '70s and '80s (if that means anything to you), over here and here.


01 26th June 1982 Part 1
02 26th June 1982 Part 2

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