Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Lattice of Coincidence - A Snap, Crackle & Pop Mix

Hello people! Here's a new mind-manifesting mix of pan-global sounds from the Snap, Crackle & Pop archive.  Specially programmed for your personal entertainment and home listening pleasure, I hope you enjoy this short trip.


1  In A Landscape - Jan Steele
Unknown Poem by Alexander Trocchi   
3  Aman Ya Dnine Aya - Oudaden   
A Lattice of Coincidence   
5  Guaracha UFO - Meridian Brothers
6  Tunisian Sufi Music - Unknown Artist
7  Militant - Ruts DC
8  Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense - Fela Kuti & Africa 80
9  An American In Paris - H. Belardi   
10 Unknown - Akiko Nakemura
11 Blue Panther - Edgar Froese

If you want a copy to keep HERE is the download link.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Edgar Froese - Kamikaze 1989 (1982)

Tangerine Dream mainman Edgar Froese scored the soundtrack to this weird cyberpunk science fiction thriller, which starred Rainer Werner Fassbinder, in 1982.  The album is a lot of fun, offering some paranoid sounding proto-techno alongside some lush soundscapes like this one, Blue Panther:

The album as a whole really got me hankering to hear some of my favourite old Detroit techno:


01         Videophonic         
02         Vitamin C        
03         Krismopompas        
04         Police Disco        
05         Intuition     
06         Police Therapy Center         
07         Blue Panther        
08         Snake Bath         
09         Unexpected Death         
10         Flying Kamikaze         
11         Tower Block         
12         The 31st Floor

Get it HERE.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Authentic R&B - Various Artists (1963)

Here we have a fantastic compilation of swamp blues from Louisiana.  The album comprises songs originally released on the Baton Rouge label, Excello Records during the '50s and early '60s, and there are some real raw footstompers from some of Louisiana's best blues, soul and R&B artists.

Check out this 1958 classic from Lazy Lester:


01     Lightnin' Slim –     I'm Evil       
02     Lazy Lester –     You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby       
03     Slim Harpo –     I Got Love If You Want It       
04     Jimmy Anderson  –     Going Through The Park       
05     Lightnin' Slim –     I'm Warning You Baby       
06     Lonesome Sundown –     Lonesome Lonely Blues       
07     Leroy Washington  –     Wild Cherry       
08     Silas Hogan –     You're Too Late Baby       
09     Lazy Lester –     I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter       
10     Slim Harpo –     I Love The Life I'm Living       
11     Jimmy Anderson  –     Naggin'       
12     Silas Hogan –     I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby       
13     Lonesome Sundown –     I'm Glad She's Mine       
14     Slim Harpo –     I'm A King Bee       
15     Whispering Smith –     Mean Woman Blues       
16     Lightnin' Slim –     Loving Around The Clock

Get it HERE.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gérard Manset - La Mort D'Orion


This record was rescued from a box of old vinyl in a charity shop in Woodingdean, where it languished amongst heaps of records by Des O'Connor and Slim Whitman.  Weird to find such a strange, symphonic psychedelic prog-rock album in amongst such incongruous company.

The music here is dense and otherworldly and Manset employs a broad palette incorporating gypsy violins, sitars, fuzz guitars and experimental recording techniques alongside all the traditional instruments of the orchestra. 


01         Introduction         
02         Où L'Horizon Prend Fin        
03         Salomon L'Hermite         
04         Final        
05         Vivent Les Hommes        
06         Enchaînement         
07         Ils         
08         Paradis Terrestre        
09         Elégie Funèbre

Get it HERE.