Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rythmes Bamileke - Various Artists (1977)

This 1977 compilation is an excellent collection of musics from the Bamileke peoples of Western Cameroon.  There's plenty of deep, hypnotic likembe action to be heard here and also some wild pipe and drum tribal dance music.  Close your eyes and you're away!
Check out this amazing video for a little taste:


01 Maago - Kenmgme Tochie Jean
02 Tsegun - Noumsi Moise et son Groupe
03 Nkonima - L'Orchestre Du Nde
04 Manga Bea - Jean Fogno et son Groupe
05 Otak-a-Biwa - Chorale Dirigee with Fotso Robert
06 Alleluya - Chorale Dirigee with Fotso Robert
07 Maago Ndung - Simo Wafo Guiagaing
08 Ndung-Sim - Nankam Frederic Bahouane
09 Ndung - Foko Sofo et son Groupe
10 Mwouop Federal - Nouasi Moise et son Groupe

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Broken Links

Okay people! Today I have fixed close to 50 broken links so files that have been unavailable for a while should now be available for your listening pleasure.

The following posts (and a whole load of others) should now work fine:

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Norient Podcasts

Norient is an endlessly interesting website based in Switzerland that is dedicated to Local & Global Sounds and Media Culture.  They post a variety of audio, video, articles and academic essays on subjects ranging from the Egyptian metal scene, gay rap and Bangladeshi electronic music and are well worth checking out.
Norient have produced a series of podcasts looking at mp3 blogging and you can hear the first and second installments by following the links below:

SIM Cards from Northern Mali
Christopher Kirkley offers on his blog Sahelsounds autotuned DIY-pop and unplugged music from Northern Mali. He visited the city of Kidal where today French, Malian and African troops are trying to push back Islamist rebels.

The World at 78 RPM
In this Norient podcast Ward tells me about his fascination with shellac, about how bloggers and ethnomusicologists don’t meet, and about a typical phenomena: «Blogger fatigue». He is a great guy to talk to. Keep checking out his work!

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chris D / Divine Horsemen - Time Stands Still (1984)

I picked this little beauty up at our local boot sale a couple of weeks ago and it's a very enjoyable listen.  Chris D was the singer in LA punk band, The Flesh Eaters, but in 1984 he released this album which signalled a change of direction to a more country influenced style.  The lyrics are bleak and his singing style idiosyncratic, but the music has a kind of darkness at noon, sunburned Tex-Mex feel.  The Divine Horseman on this record are a veritable who's who of the LA alternative scene and feature members of X, The Blasters and The Gun Club, all artists at the height of their hedonistic powers.


01         When The Rain Comes Down    
02         Lilly White Hands    
03         Past All Dishonor    
04         Frankie Silver         
05         Sanctuary         
06         Heat From The Sun    
07         Little Sister         
08         Hell's Belle         
09         Time Stands Still

Get it HERE.