Monday, 26 August 2013

Rafi Jr Y La Diferente - La Diferente

I picked up this splendid bit of Nuyorican salsa at the local boot sale a few weeks ago and it is a winner from start to finish.  Sunshine music to lift the spirit and move the body.
Rafi Valenzuela was a timbal playes and leader of La Diferente - a small group of  Puerto Rican players who released this lp (which was produced by salsa legends Willie Colón and Johnny Pacheco) in 1971.


01         A Mi Nena        
02         El Coco        
03         No Puedo Mas        
04         Quitate        
05         Faluking        
06         Tu Y Yo        
07         Sabra Dios        
08         Monina Y Ramon        
09         Vida        
10         El Bardo

Get it HERE.