Saturday, 30 March 2013

Manitas de Plata - Guiterra Flamenco (1965)

Opinion is divided amongst aficionados of flamenco guitar as to the worth of Manitas' playing.  For some, he is the greatest flamenco player the word has ever seen, and others think him overrated, overly flamboyant and disrespectful of the flamenco form.  I am no expert on flamenco (or anything else for that matter), but for me, there is a passion and intensity in the music of Manitas de Plata (Little Hands of Silver) which transcends genre, there is a spontaneity and an exhuberance that is life affirming.  This is a joyful noise.


01         Bulerias     
02         Granadinas         
03         Tarantas   
04         Alegrias Del Cante         
05         Sevillanas     
06         Soleares Gitanas         
07         Levantes         
08         Farruca         
09         Jota

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mustapha Bakbou - Editions Hassania

Back in March last year I posted this fantastic cassette of solo guimbri goodness from Maalem Mustapha Bakbou (Baqbou, Bakabou).  If you didn't get it then I suggest you go and get it now.
Well, here we are and it is March again, so here is another 40 something minutes of sublime sounds from this Gnawa master.

There is nothing more I can say, all you can do is listen...


Side One
Side Two

As usual, I have no track titles or information about this tape other than what is written in English.  Any help with translations is much appreciated!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Faraway Exists: Another Snap, Crackle & Pop Mix

Here's another one of them mixes for your ears.  This one's a bit different in that I've included some frighteningly contemporary music - some of it even a little bit danceable.  Hope you enjoy it as I certainly had some fun putting it together


01 Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ekassa 34 (extract)
02 United Bible Studies - Sea of rains (extract)
03 John Cage - Fontana Mix
04 Bismillah Khan - Raga Shyem Kalyan
05 Tomutontuu - Luominen Jai Kesken
06 Actress - Jardin 1
07 Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ekassa 34 (extract)
08 Evil Twin - Butcher Mode
09 Fatimah Al-Zaelaeyah – Ya Mun Dakhal Bahr Al-Hawa (Hey, Who Enters The Sea Of Passion?)(edit with William S. Burroughs)
10 Ahmad Hamouda - El-Derbake
11 Shab Al Hal - Mounawaates
12 Sun Ra - Somewhere in Space
13 Currecuteando - Ramon Ropain y su Conjunto
14 Orquesta Henry Castro, Antonio Gonzalez y D'Argil - Chicharron de Chivo
15 ? - Baiao
16 ? - ? (Music from Saharan Cellphones)
17 LV - Thatha Low
18 Dave Kelly – The Return
19 Team Shadatek – Yoga Riddim
20 Harmonic 313 – Bazooka Riddim
21 Computer Paul – World Talk
22 Fat Eyes – Overdose

If you want to download the mix and burn it to a cd or record it to tape or stick it on your mp3 player so you can play it at your barbecue or cocktail party, then you can get it HERE.

Or, you can play it here:

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Link Wray - Link Wray (1971)

Hey people! Here is a crackly treat I picked up at this weekend's boot sale.
Link Wray's eponymous comeback LP from 1971 was recorded in a homemade 3 track studio in a disused chicken shack on the family Farm in Maryland.
The loose limbed country funk sound of this album is an entirely different prospect to his earlier, rowdy rock instrumentals, but its just as tasty as you will hear after a little compare and contrast:


01    La De Da         
02    Take Me Home Jesus         
03    Juke Box Mama         
04    Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Stokes        
05    Fallin' Rain         
06    Fire And Brimstone         
07    Ice People        
08    God Out West         
09    Crowbar         
10    Black River Swamp         
11    Tail Dragger

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Bailables de Todos los Años Vol. 2 - Various Artists (1978)

This is a great compilation of vintage Columbian dance music. I think most of the tracks were recorded in the '50s and '60s and they're hot! 

While you're here, check out this great footage of Lisandro Meza with a fantastic band.  Colombian country style:


01 Currucuteando - Ramon Ropain y su Combo
02 La Muy Indigna - Caballito y su Conjunto
03 El Huerfaito - Bovea y sus Vellenatos
04 Juventud Flaca Y Loca - Lisandra Meza y su Conjunto
05 El Boga Y El Bote - Penaranda y su Conjunto
06 La Mujer de Roberto - Don Americo y sus Caribes
07 En San Filipe - Orquesta de Tomas Burbano
08 Pomponio - Julio Torres y Los Alegres Vallenatos
09 Ligia - Edmundo Arias y su Orquesta
10 La Mujer de Tono - Penaranda y su Conjunto
11 Cero Treinta Y Nueve - Bovea y sus Vallenatos
12 Cumbia Bonita - Ramon Ropain y su Combo

Get it HERE.