Saturday, 13 December 2008

Bismillah Khan & Party - Music of India #9 (1969)

Ustad Bismillah Khan was a devout Shi'ite Muslim but also a devotee of the Hindu Goddess of art and wisdom. He often played at Hindu temples and festivals, his music a healing force to ease tensions between religious groups:

01 Sarang
02 Dadra
03 Chandra Kauns
04 Kajaree

You'll find the zip here.


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Bhowani said...

odjoshro dhonnobad !

Ustad Bismillah is STILL one of the tutelary figure of the bengali culture from both sides of the border

Wonderful soul !

Anonymous said...

You have a very tasteful blog. My search for this Bismillah LP led me to your site, unfortunately it seems the link is dead. Would you consider re-posting? Thanks.

Mr Tear said...

Hi y'all,
Sorry its taken a long time, but the link to this fine LP should now work.