Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Nkengas - Nkengas in London (Orbitone 1973)

According to John at Likembe (thanks for the superb blog!) this album is not by The Nkengas, but is actually a recording by Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and His Nigerian Soundmakers. A number of the group's players left taking the tapes with them, they started a new band called The Nkengas and released this album under that name. Very Naughty!
Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe's voice is spread like melted chocolate across all but one of the songs on the album. It's pretty unmistakable. This is feel good highlife of the very highest quality and it never fails to bring a smile to my maudlin face.

This is the song Ekene Dili Chukwu:


01 William Emeka Omambala
02 Asa Mpete Special
03 Anaedo Special
04 Unzulu Onye / Ige'Gbupi
05 Ekene Dili Chukwu

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

These guys are fabulous.
Can't wait for the RS wait period to end so I can listen. Thanks as always.

A new one over at my place.
Middle-eastern tinged psych jazz

icastico said...

Just read the notes. Interesting. I didn't know the Osita connection for these guys.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read your post...I have this on CD and always wondered why the packaging reads "Nkengas in London" but my computer reads it as "Classic Hits" by Chief Stephan Osita Osadebe and his Nigeria Soundmakers International (and shows a completely different cover and song titles). Apparently at some point the CD at least was printed and released under both titles.

Anonymous said...

Per you remark about letting you know when links are dead, this one (unfortunately) is.

Mr Tear said...

Hi y'all,
This link works again!

Franco said...

Huge 'THANKS' for this !!

grooVemonzter said...

Thank you for all the great music !!! Cheers from Los Angeles.

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