Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Conjunto Sol del Peru - Musica del Cuzco: La Tierra de los Incas

Back in November 2008, I posted an album of Peruvian music by Conjunto Orquestal Puno. Its strange stuff indeed. It was never downloaded much (I suppose many people imagined it to be pan pipe music like Incantation or something) and so I never bothered posting any of the other records that came in the same batch. Well for the few who did enjoy, or were touched by, the weird sounds of the high Andes, here's another album of music from the Land of the Incas.

If you've ever enjoyed the music of Yma Sumac, then this one's sure to please.


01 Wuayllas Tusy
02 Paras Shayan
03 Cuando el Indio Llora
04 Waraka Tusuy
05 La Flecha Incaica
06 El Condor Pasa
07 Quenas
08 Pockra
09 Ckashampa
10 Saerrana Ingrata
11 Pfallcha (Flor Indigena)
12 Intillay Quillallay

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I was touched by the (previous post you mention) Peruvian sounds. I am currently downloading, will let you know.

Thanks again - Love,


joe said...

In a quick listen this sounds promising. Thanks!!

vilstef said...

This is really lovely, other-worldly stuff. Thanks for sharing!

rosel zech said...

The Peruvian orchestra lp was so rad you forget about Pan flute player in the mall clichés. Impatiently downloading this one.

Cyberlove to you

legrandmaitre said...

This is even nicer than the previous. I'm also in the UK, and trawl boot sales and fetes etc - but I seldom find anything as esoteric and wonderful as you do. Chapeau to your wondefully open mind.

Do you know the photographs of Martin Chambi?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6e64d1862fea3759&biw=1440&bih=758

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Grand Master! This is one of five albums of Peruvian music I picked up in a charity shop. Its amazing what can be found however, you have to put the hours in! Thanks for the link to the beautiful photographs - some very haunting images to be found.

roberth said...

i am a fan of peruvian music pan pipes, chica, horn mountain bands
huayanos, etc
i promise to download this and any other peruvian gems you post
please re up

roberth said...

well i already left a comment
in 2013. if possible
please re up

i love what is up!!!

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