Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mustapha Bakbou

This is a commanding solo performance of gnawa songs from Mustapha Bakbou. No frills, just the voice and the guimbri that will undoubtedly continue to echo through the day.


Side 1: Balini - Allah ya Rabbi ya Moulay - Bou Chama/Mekkawi
Side 2: Kubaily Mama - Mamaryo - Fulani

Many thanks to Tim for the translations.

Get it HERE.


ajnabi1957 said...

Good stuff, SCP! Love gnawa music.

tim abdellah said...

Hey Mr. T! - Alf Alf Shukr! (A million thanks!) This is one of my all-time favorite Gnawa cassettes, and my copy left my hands about 15 years ago. It's so nice to hear this again.

I think this is Baqbou's best cassette - just him singing and playing guinbri. Not all Gnawa musicians can pull off a whole album on their own!

Side 1: Balini - Allah ya Rabbi ya Moulay - Bou Chama/Mekkawi
Side 2: Kubaily Mama - Mamaryo - Fulani

Thanks again for sharing this one!

Mr Tear said...

Hi Tim,

Shukran! Thanks for the translations. I'm pleased you're enjoying this one - its particularly deep. I picked this one up in a tiny little music shop in Marrakech last year. I'm just back from another 5 nights in Morocco and I have another pile of tapes I'll be sharing over the next few months so hopefully there'll be more goodies for you.
X Mr Tear.

Hammer said...

Rock on! Good news for all of us 'ere.
Please with a porn-sized dash of thank-you-in-advance... make the 'few months' few weeks, or better still... days: One cannot get 'nuff of this good stuff in all honesty.

Greed is good when it comes to music.

Dig! Many thanks.


kreismyr said...

Totally looks like Obama on the cover! Man of many talents :)

Mr Tear said...

Glad you're all enjoying this one. Hammer, you are excitable! However, I like to keep things eclectic so I'm aiming to post 1 or 2 ofthe Moroccan tapes per month which means you'll just have to keep checking back.
PS. I'm loving Audiotopia

X Mr Tear

Hammer said...

Werd ma negro!

Stay Diggin' pallie.


Anonymous said...

you guysgirls whatever-amazing stuff you find and share-a truly great doing! manymany thanks!

Mr Tear said...

The link works again!

ffffffffff said...

Hey there. thanks for the album. I just came across an older tape of Mustapha Baqbou playing solo. I remember I bought this album from a street vendor in essaouira in 2007. I'm a guembri player and this album was a majour influence when I first started playing. Baqbou here's playing a few songs from the red suite and a few others from the black. It is just such a splendid performance when Baqbou was still very young. Unfortunately I left the tape in my family's house in Casablanca, but apparently somebody has uploaded it on youtube

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the heads up ffffffff, I'm looking forward to checking the video out. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful tape.

Unknown said...

hey man, any chance of re-uploading this? looks amazing! thank you.

(while you're there - any other gnawa tapes you'd recommend, i'd be incredibly grateful for)

thank you so much for spreading the joy of this music,

Adhy said...

Thanks you for sharing this greats albums!
Unfortunately the link is not working anymore :-(
IS it possible to re upload?
Thank you

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